Seed Myanmar is a venture capital firm focused on early stage investments of technology start-ups in Myanmar. With two of its three investment committee members being founders of Myanmar technology companies themselves, Seed Myanmar brings together a team of experienced professionals with intimate knowledge of the Myanmar market and its unique challenges.

Originally called VIMIC, the idea was to assemble a team of the best possible investment and start-up professionals and start putting money to work in technologies and founders who are helping to shape the advancement of Myanmar in a digital world. Today, Seed Myanmar has investments in some of the most promising start-ups in the country.

Seed Myanmar was launched in 2016 from Vulpes Investment Manager Pte Ltd, a leading alternative investment manager in Singapore. Vulpes has been making emerging market and venture capital investments from Singapore since 2011 and looks for opportunities to invest in markets on the verge of development. Myanmar in 2016 was one such market.